• Oil & Gas Systems

Our team has hands-on knowledge of the most popular oil & gas software, including SAP, Quorum, Enertia, Horizon, Bolo, Excalibur and others.

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning

Our team is skilled in cutting edge techniques for analyzing complex, unstructured and error-prone data, including images, GIS data, and financial transactions.

  • Very Large Databases

Our team is skilled in processing datasets containing hundreds of millions of rows, including relational, image, geospatial, serialized and unstructured data.


  • Software Design and Implementation

Our team has deep experience leading system implementation projects for oil & gas clients, from independents to supermajors.

  • Lease Records

Our team has hands-on experienced with all major land systems, including Tobin and Quorum.

  • Revenue Forensics

Our team of experts is experienced in identifying tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue.


  • Project Management

Our experienced leaders properly plan, organize, direct and control all activities to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

  • Quality Controls

Our teams implement peer reviews and statistical sampling to ensure highest quality deliverables.