Revenue Boost

  • Revenue Recovery

Need to boost revenue?  Let us help you increase liquidity by 1% of total revenue.  We do all of the work.

Want to double your money?  In our experience, for every dollar of underpayments we collect, you receive two dollars of future revenue.

  • Revenue Assessment

Not receiving everything you should? Let our team mine your revenue data and identify specific underpayments.


  • Divestiture Prep

Ready to divest? Let us reconcile your land records to put your assets in the best light.

  • Acquisition Diligence

Buying assets? Let us assist your due diligence team to maximize the value of your deal.

  • Acreage Reports

Tired of the year-end scramble? Let our team produce high quality reports of gross, net, developed and undeveloped acreage.

Land Data


  • System Conversion

Implementing a new land system?  Let us plan and manage the conversion to lower your risk and ensure nothing is left behind.

  • Acquisition Integration

Migrating data from a predecessor?  Let us map, convert and QC your new data so you're up and running fast.

  • Map Generation

Want to see what you own?  Let us convert your legal descriptions into accurate electronic maps.

  • Complex Property Analysis

Uncertain rights and obligations?  Let our team examine your most complex leases, farmouts, operating agreements.

  • Expert Witness

Need help decertifying a class action?  Let our team digitally examine your land records for issues with commonality and predominance.

  • Forensic Discovery

Organizing millions of documents?  Let our team apply predictive coding to classify and prioritize documents.


Legal Support