Data Assessment

Many engagements begin with a comprehensive data assessment. This in-depth review of your land and asset data enables us to quantify the impact of your data issues and advise you on the most effective and efficient strategy for improving the integrity and accuracy of your data.

LA Data Assessment image

Did you know?


30% of lease records have material errors.


We employ a two-step process to rapidly assess the frequency and impact of errors and omissions in your land and asset data. Our process is designed to give you actionable results inside a 10% margin of error.

We perform an in-depth review of system data, plus associated scanned images and polygons. We reconcile each agreement with third-party well data, state regulatory filings, state grid data and online court records.

We typically uncover issues with:

  • Incorrect acreage, legal descriptions and depths
  • Incorrect ownership interests
  • Missing or incorrect provisions
  • Missing or incorrect obligations and payments
  • Missing or misclassified source documents
  • Missing or incorrect wells and facilities
  • Missing or inaccurate polygons
  • Inaccurate property and development status
  • Missing or incorrect cross references