Revenue Recovery

It’s everyone’s problem and nobody’s fault. Most companies can’t see the revenue they’re missing and can’t explain why because underpayments are so difficult to find. The reason is hidden deep in paper-based land and accounting data. 

Missing data, disorganized data and high A&D activity result in thousands of underpayments. As the industry’s leading revenue recovery pioneer, we are able to leverage the insights and technologies required to achieve a 100% track record in delivering hard dollar results for our clients.

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Did you know?


Our experience indicates that large E&P companies can expect to recover an average of $10 million in lost revenue from underpayments, which can result in a 1% uplift in revenue.


We are experts in recovering lost non-op revenue, with a 100% track record of collecting money for our clients. Our methods are unobstructive – as we work with your data, we make sure we don’t interfere with your busy staff.

Using proprietary technology, we process your land and revenue data and load it into a specialized data warehouse. We apply data mining techniques to discover subtle underpayments. Our professional analysts research and document every payment anomaly, tracking down missing data if necessary.

Our teams work respectfully and professionally with operators and purchases to cure title issues, correct mistakes and make sure you recover what you are owed.

Typical recoveries include:

  • Unfulfilled title requirements
  • Improper prior period adjustments
  • Over-withheld severance taxes
  • Improper deductions
  • Unrecognized payouts
  • Volume allocation errors
  • Missing wells
  • Incorrect ownership interests