M&A / Divestiture Support

Oil & gas assets change hands frequently. We help our clients conduct due diligence and onboard their acquisitions in a streamlined and efficient manner. We also help clients prepare for divestitures by correcting, cleaning and organizing land data prior to sale. Whether you’re buying or selling, Lease Analytics can help you accelerate deal closings and ensure an optimal valuation through accurate and organized data.

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Did you know?


Even after preparation and due diligence, an average of 4.6% of value may be lost due to land errors and omissions.


Interest reversions. Acreage restrictions. Expired contracts. Missing documents, mapping errors and incorrect dates. Countless errors can be hidden in the details, which is why reliable data is crucial to any acquisition.

For sellers, data integrity helps ensure that they get a valuation that reflects fair market value. For buyers, pristine land records can provide the assurance they need to move forward on a deal with confidence. Accurate data removes barriers and expedites deals – and makes acquisitions a win for all parties involved. Our services include:

  • Exhibit preparation
  • Acreage reconciliation and exception detection
  • Data room development
  • Records cleanup
  • Lease and contract due diligence