Data Capture & Cleanup

Whether it’s onboarding a major acquisition, converting data to a new system, digitizing legacy records or capturing new land and asset records within your system, Lease Analytics has you covered.

LA Data Transformation

Did you know?


Lease Analytics has analyzed more than 350,000 leases and contracts.


We employ leading-edge technology and tools, proven program management techniques, and thorough quality management procedures to all Data Capture & Cleanup engagements. You can rest assured that your land and asset data is up to date and ready to support your operations.

Typical Data Capture & Cleanup projects include:

  • Digital lease review of all leases & contracts to keep records up to date
  • Scanning, OCRing, bursting, de-duping, classifying and linking source documents
  • Onboarding data from a major acquisition into land, production and accounting systems
  • Reconciling and correcting land and asset data after a major system conversion
  • Recording new leases and contracts into your system from organic leasing initiatives
  • Updating records to respond to lawsuits or regulatory changes